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Catch My Breath

CATCH My Breath is currently the only evidence-based youth vaping nicotine prevention program for grades 5th-12th offered in the U.S (as cited by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), with nearly every state adopting the program.

Central District Health offers free training to implement the curriculum, with 1-hour and 3-hour session options. It has proven its effectiveness at reducing students’ likelihood of vaping by equipping students with the skills needed to resist peer-pressure and marketing influence by big-tobacco companies.

In Idaho, CATCH My Breath has been implemented into a total of 29 schools and other youth-affiliated organizations which we hope to expand.

The curriculum has a total of four 35-minute sessions for each grade group to be taught once weekly for four weeks and can be implemented into after school programs or other youth-affiliated organizations.

For more information on curriculum content visit Classroom session overview. For more information on how to become trained, contact us.

Classroom Session Overview

Having Conversations About Secondary and Tertiary Exposure to Tobacco Smoke and Vaping Aerosols:

This conversation can be challenging, and you are not alone! Whether in your workplace or in another public place, having knowledge about the risks of secondary and tertiary exposure to tobacco smoke and vaping aerosol can help you address the issue.

Of most importance is knowing the danger of the two on your health and well-being, and your safety should always be your first priority. To learn more about secondary and tertiary exposure visit American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation

Preventing Secondary and Tertiary Exposure through Policy:

The state of Idaho recognizes that secondhand tobacco smoke exposure causes disease among nonsmoking adults and serious health conditions in children and has further warranted measures that regulate smoking in public places to protect the health of the public as well as employees within public workplaces. 

The Clean Indoor Air Act of 2008 prohibits smoking in public places or workplaces with the exception of some bars, hotels, motels, small offices, and state veteran’s homes as clearly defined in Title 39, Chapter 55.

Title 39, Chapter 55

Health Disparities Impact on Vaping and Tobacco Use:

Health disparities are defined as preventable differences among various populations through the burden of disease, injury, violence, or opportunities to achieve optimal health, and are driven through social and economic inequities.
For more information on health disparities as they relate to commercial tobacco and e-cigarette products visit CDC: Health Disparities Related to Commercial Tobacco and Advancing Health Equity.


Idaho Drug Free Youth

Through four core values of fun, knowledge, empowerment, and support, Idaho Drug Free Youth fosters positive choices and healthy living by enhancing community through its programs.


With an annual Idaho Youth Summit summer camp, school chapter programs, assembly presentations, and a social media based campaign, IDFY has led a teen revolution with 75k past student members, 5k students impacted annually, and 68 middle and high school chapters across the state! To learn more about these programs visit IDFY.


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