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Idaho Drug Free Youth

Through four core values of fun, knowledge, empowerment, and support, Idaho Drug Free Youth offers you the ability to feel heard, foster valuable friendships, and build skills to stay drug free and lead your peers to do the same! With an annual Idaho Youth Summit summer camp, school chapter programs, assembly presentations, and a social media based campaign, IDFY has led a teen revolution with 75k past student members just like you!

It is estimated that 5k students are positively impacted by this program every year, and 68 middle and high schools across the state have adopted the IDFY Chapters! To learn more about IDFY and how you can get involved click here.

Interested in attending the IDFY Summit in June, 2024?

We are now accepting applications for scholarships through March 19, 2024!

Download the application: IDFY Idaho Youth Summit Scholarship Application & Experience Feedback Form


Fill out the online application HERE


Public Service Announcements

Do you have a passion for creating social media content through videography or recorded advertisements? Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) are creative ways to provide factual information to the community.

If you are interested in creating a public service announcement that you can add to your professional development portfolio, contact us.


Volunteer to teach CATCH My Breath

Do you have a passion for teaching and community service? Are you a high schooler that believes, like many youth around the country, that vaping is gross and uncool?

CATCH My Breath is a youth vaping nicotine prevention program that equips students with the skills needed to resist peer-pressure and marketing influence by big-tobacco companies.

Become trained to teach this program to 5-8th grade students in your community, and add the experience to your resume! Contact us today to schedule a training.